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Hemodialysis Unit “Evangelismos”


About the Hemodialysis Unit

The Hemodialysis Unit “Evangelismos” was established in 2002 within the “Evangelismos” general surgery and obstetrics clinic in Veroia. The establishment of the Unit in a provincial town was a pioneering initiative at that time. In May 2010, the Unit was transferred in Patrida, Imathia, only a few kilometers away from the town of Veroia, in a spacious, high-standards building. The Unit has state-of-the-art medical equipment, meeting all modern European standards, housed in a beautiful accommodation, and highly qualified medical and nursing staff.

Building hemodialysis

The Hemodialysis Unit “Evangelismos” is located in Patrida, Imathia, approximately 3 kilometers from the town of Veroia, and only 14 kilometers from the ancient Macedonian capital of Vergina (Aiges). The Unit has easy access to the International Airport of Thessaloniki, which is approximately 80 kilometers away. It is also located just 30 kilometers from the ski center of Seli and just 15 kilometers from the historic city of Naousa. Visitors can combine excursions in both mountainous and coastal areas, as the “Evangelismos” hemodialysis unit is located just 60 kilometers away from the beaches of Pieria. The entire area is a tourist destination for thousands of visitors every year, with numerous ancient monuments, Byzantine churches, traditional districts, and naturalistic destinations.


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    Services – Social Insurance Funds

    The Hemodialysis Unit “Evangelismos” was established to meet all the needs of hemodialysis patients, with absolute safety and reliability. The “Evangelismos” Unit can serve patients who need the following types of hemodialysis:

    Conventional Hemodialysis

    Online Hemodiafiltration

    We want to become better for you

    We address any health-related issue with a sense of responsibility. This is why we have created high-standards facilities, we modernized our medical equipment and trained our staff, so that all the necessary health and safety standards are met.

    Modern building infrastructure, providing a comfortable accommodation for patients and their carers

    Resuscitation room

    Separate ward for HBV-positive patients

    32-inch personal TV in all hemodialysis rooms and common spaces

    Free Wi-Fi

    Complimentary beverages and snacks

    Personalized services based on the needs of each patient

    24/7 Ambulance

    Private parking

    The “Evangelismos” Unit provides its services free of charge to those who have social insurance, as it has a contract with EOPYY and the Army.

    We also cover the following:

    Preparation of patients for hemodialysis initiation with the necessary advisory guidance from the medical and nursing staff.

    Creation of vascular access (fistula, placement of temporary and permanent central venous hemodialysis catheters) by experienced vascular surgeons at the “Evangelismos” surgery clinic in the center of Veroia.

    Performance of all the necessary laboratory tests (hematological, biochemical).

    Cardiologist and diabetologist visits on a regular basis who provide information to patients and immediately deal with any problems that may arise in case of an emergency.

    Provision of information regarding kidney transplants and conducting thorough pre-transplant screening of potential recipients/donors, in close collaboration with the reference transplant center.

    Moreover, in case of emergency, patients may be hospitalized immediately at the General Surgery Clinic in the center Veroia.

    Get to know your rights as dialysis patients

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    Get to know our doctors

    The staff of “Evangelismos” is the Clinic’s biggest asset and strongest competitive advantage. The Unit’s well-trained nephrologists and experienced nursing staff treat patients with kidney disease and hemodialysis-related problems with responsibility and sensitivity.

    Eleni Intzevidou

    Specialist Nephrologist

    17, M. Alexandrou Street, Veroia 59132

    tel.: +30 23310-74266

    3, Riga Fereou, Nausa, 59200

    tel.: 23320-52106

    Charalampos Loutradis

    Specialist Nephrologist

    13, El. Venizelou Street, Veroia 59132

    tel.: +30 23310-23313

    32, Hagia Triada, Thessaloniki 54640

    tel.: 694-295-0220

    Alexandros Paraskevopoulos

    Specialist Nephrologist

    16, M. Karakosti Street, Veroia 59132

    tel.: +30 23310-74233

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